Cub Scout Monthly Themes 2010-2011

I just noticed that the 2010-2011 Cub Scout Monthly Themes are now available on the BSA web site. It is helpful that BSA makes them available so far in advance. The web site lists all the themes from the present up to 2011. (The patch above is from the January 2007 theme.)

Here are the 2010-2011 themes:

SEPTEMBER 2010 – CUB SCOUT INVESTIGATORSCharacter Connection: Resourcefulness
OCTOBER 2010 – UNDER THE BIG TOPCharacter Connection: Cooperation
NOVEMBER 2010 – CUB SCOUTS SPREAD THE NEWSCharacter Connection: Citizenship
DECEMBER 2010 – WINTER WONDERLANDCharacter Connection: Positive Attitude
JANUARY 2011 – ROAD WORK AHEADCharacter Connection: Perseverance
FEBRUARY 2011 – TURN BACK THE CLOCKCharacter Connection: Honesty
MARCH 2011 – FORCES OF NATURECharacter Connection: Faith
APRIL 2011 – SCOUTING THE LAND DOWN UNDERCharacter Connection: Respect
MAY 2011 – ACORNS TO OAKSCharacter Connection: Responsibility
JUNE 2011 – CUBS IN ACTIONCharacter Connection: Health & Fitness
JULY 2011 – SPLISH SPLASHCharacter Connection: Courage
AUGUST 2011 – ON THE WILD SIDECharacter Connection: Compassion
Link (Link updated:  06-03-2008).

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