Tunnel Ball

I was in charge of the games station at our district day camp this year. We did several games I was familiar with and some that were new to me.

One of the new games we did was Tunnel Ball. It was a lot of fun.

Here is how you play Tunnel Ball:

The playing field is set up with two concentric circles. The outer one should be pretty large. You can use rope or chalk to mark the two circles.

The attacking team stays on the outside of the large circle. The defending team stays in the “tunnel” — the area between the two circles. A target (e.g., an upside down bucket) is placed inside the inner circle.

The goal of the attacking team is to hit the target with the ball. The goal of the defending team is to protect the target from being hit.

The attackers are free to pass the ball between themselves.

Once the attacking team has hit the target three times, the teams switch sides.

(Game and photo via funandgames.org)


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