2008-09 Tiger Cub and Cub Scout Advancement Plan

Here is the “2008-09 Tiger Cub and Cub Scout Advancement Plan” from the 2008-2009 Cub Scout Program Helps:

“While much of advancement in Cub Scouting is intended to be accomplished within the family, many requirements may be met by attending organized den meetings. Den meetings outlined in Cub Scout Program Helps include several advancement requirements each month.

Completion of den meeting activities along with home assignments will insure that each boy receives his next badge of rank at the blue and gold banquet in February. Below you will find a list of recommended activities for each program level that den leaders can assign to be completed at home each month

Some things to remember:

– Family involvement is an important purpose of Cub Scouting, and it includes the family being involved in the advancement process. For those requirements completed in the den, the Cub Scout should share his accomplishments with his parent or guardian, who in turn signs the boy’s handbook.

Advancements is a method of Cub Scouting, not a purpose. Boys lean and grow through a variety of activities. Den leaders should be flexible with den meeting plans as they learn what works for their particular den of boys.

Special note for Bear Cub Scouts: As Bear Cub Scouts choose a combination of 12 achievements from the 24 available, many different combinations of achievements will bring the Cub Scout to his rank advancements. Cub Scout Program Helps provides only one pathway to that end. Allow boys the flexibility to choose their own interests.”  [Bold added]

Achievements Completed at Den Meeting Achievements To Be Completed at Home Electives Completed at Den Meeting
Tiger Cubs
September Bobcat 1, 4, 6
2D, 4G
Bobcat 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
6, 9
October 1D, 1G 5F 2, 21
November 2G, 5D 3F 10 or 11, 12, 25, 32
December 3D, 5G 2F 1, 2, 10 or 12
January 3G, 4D 4F 3, 19
Wolf Cub Scout
September Bobcat 1, 4, 7
2a, 2c, 4a, 12d
Bobcat 2, 3, 5, 6, 8
2d-g, 4a-f
1a, 11a, 23d
October 1a, 1b, 2b 7a-f, 9a-e 6c, 11c (partial)
November 1c, 1d, 1e, 1g, 2a, 3a 3b-c, 6a-c, 12a-k 11d, 11f
December 2a, 8a, 8d, 11b 11a-d, 8b-e
January 2b, 10b 5a-e, 10a-e 1b
Bear Cub Scout–God (1 or 2); Country (3, 4, 6); Family (8, 9, 10, 11); Self (15, 17, 18, 24)
September 3f, 7a, 9e, 11c, 16b, 23b (partial), 23c (partial) 1 or 2, 9f or 9g, 17a, d, e, f 9a
October 4a, 4c, 8a, 8c, 11g 4b, 8g, 18a, b, f, g, h
November 3f, 5a, 6b, 6g or 7b, 24f 3a, b, j, 24d, e
December 3f, 9a, 9d, 15b 6e, 10a 9a
January 10b, 13f, 15b, 15c 11a, b, d, e, 13f

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