30 Links for Cub Scouters


Cub Scouting Info (BSA)

On Saturday, I taught a course at our local University of Scouting in which I covered 30 website links that can be useful (or at least interesting) for Cub Scouters.

I thought I would post them here in case some of them may be helpful for you.

1. Advantage Emblem (lots of stock patches)

2. Baloo’s Bugle (USSSP)

3. Bill Smith’s Unofficial Cub Scout Roundtable

4. BSA Online Learning Center

5. Buckeye Roundtable Packets

6. Creamundo.com (9800 free fonts)

7. CubmasterChris.com (Cub Scouting podcast)

8. Cub Scout Advancement (USSSP)

9. Cub Scout Monthly Themes (BSA)

10. Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines (BSA)

11. Cub Scout Program Helps (BSA)

12. Cub Scout Talk (Yahoo list)

13. Cub Scouting Forms (BSA)

14. Cub Scouting Info (BSA) [screenshot above]

15. Download.com (lots of free programs to download)

16. Fast Tracks (BSA)

17. Funandgames.org

18. Gif.com (lots of free clipart)

19. Guide to Safe Scouting (BSA)

20. HalfEagle.com (scouting blog aggregator)

21. HikeArkansas.com (if you happen to be in or near Arkansas)

22. KISMIF.org

23. Microsoft Clipart (free)

24. Meritbadge.org (lots of Cub advancements)

25. Scouting Magazine (BSA)

26. ScoutingTheNet.com (scouting website directory)

27. Scoutstuff.org (BSA)

28. Scouttrack.com (online advancement tracking)

29. US Scouting Service Project

30. WordPress.com (free nonprofit blog-format websites)


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