“Get Out!” 2009


In 2008 I read about this joint Girl Scout/Cub Scout/Boy Scout recruiting event to be held in Meridian, Mississippi. Since I had become District Membership Chair, I thought having a similar recruiting event here would be an idea worth exploring. Our council thought it was worth trying, and the local girl scout council also thought it was a good idea.

We decided to call it “Get Out!” with the theme of getting kids into the outdoors. The plan was to have Girl Scout troops, Cub Scout packs, and Boy Scout troops (who were interested in recruiting) put on an interesting activity or demonstration so that visitors could see some of the outdoor fun that can be had in scouting.

We encouraged them to bring some flyers to promote their pack or troop.


So how did it go? I think it was a successful first effort.  We had people from a few Girl Scout troops, Cub Scout packs, and Boy Scout troops participating.  There were quite a few families there who seemed to be having a very good time eating hot dogs and cobbler, making homemade ice cream in bags, doing nature scavenger hunts, and petting snakes.  And we had a few new kids sign up as Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts.


I was hoping that we would have more people from the community attending than we did. We had sent out press announcements to all the local media outlets.

One factor working against us promotion-wise is that this is the opening weekend of our local area fair.


Everyone I spoke to seemed happy with the event and said they hope we will do it again next year. I hope we will too.

[Update 09-27-2009: We did get some local online coverage at this link.]


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