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Tony Hooker is a guest blogger from Concord, North Carolina.  He is a Wolf Den Leader in the Central North Carolina Council and is a first-year Cub Scouter.

Cubanapolis (or Cubanapolis 400) is a fun derby where boys put on boxes that looks like cars and race each other (by running).


Each Cub needs a cardboard box that is big enough for him to stand up inside and carry. It can have an open top, or cut-out  holes for arms and head.

The Cub will decorate the box to look like a race car (or a space ship, garbage truck, or any vehicle he wants). Construction paper, paint, tape, aluminum foil and markers are all great things to have on hand to spur creativity. Colored paper plates make great wheels. Be sure no dangerous materials (such as glass or metal) are used.

The car decorating can be done at home or as a den activity.

Keep in mind that the cars will likely end up damaged (if not completely destroyed) by the time the race is over.

Each racer needs to bring an adult as the pit crew, must wear some form of glasses or goggles, and have lace-up shoes with socks.

The Race

The race is 4 laps long with a pit stop after each of the first 3 laps. It’s a good idea to have a chair for each boy to sit in during the pit stop.

  • The first pit stop is “cleaning the windshield.”  The pit crew has to squirt water on the goggles and wipe them off.
  • The second pit stop is “refueling.” The Cub Scout must drink a small cup of water. Be sure all the cups have the same amount of water in them.
  • The third pit stop is “tire change.” The Cub Scout’s shoes must be taken off, his socks must be changed from one foot to the other, and his shoes must be put back on and tied.

Unless you are in a small pack, it’s probably best to split up the races by den.

You may want to give awards for the coolest looking car, fastest car, etc.

And as always, remind the boys that what is important is that they do their best, play by the rules, show good sportsmanship, and have fun.

You can read more about having a Cubanapolis race in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book and at this link.


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