Cub Scout Suncatcher Kits

BSA Supply Group now has for sale several different Cub Scout suncatcher kits. Each kit is $1.49 and includes five paint pots, an applicator, and a suction cup for hanging.

The different designs include Akela, Baloo, Tiger Cub, and Blue and Gold.



2 Responses to Cub Scout Suncatcher Kits

  1. missingarrow says:

    I just saw this item when I met with a National Supply Rep today, looks like a great cheap craft item for Cub Scouts. I suggested we carry it at our Camp Trading Post, though there was some concern about the paint ending up all over camp.

  2. jeejt says:

    Our Bear den just did these at a den meeting. They didn’t come out very well. The paint is very globby. The kit comes with an applicator not a brush. The applicator is better in theory because of all the small places you need to get the paint in, however, it was too detail orientated for most of our boys. Fun ran out before the suncatchers were done. I think the make it and bake it suncatchers would go over better.

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